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Category Archives: Eden Arbors

Eden Arbors Portland Pergola

You have a smaller yard and you should be proud of it. That just means less grass to mow. We applaud your smaller yard by bringing you The Portland Pergola. The inside

Eden Arbors Roman Trellis

You like to make a statement. People expect it from you. Your yard is no exception. Those spindly little trellises out there just don’t cut it. We certainly don’t want you to

Eden Arbors Milan Trellis

You like fine things. And you shouldn’t be criticized by anyone for your superior taste. We applaud your demands for all things nice by bringing you the latest addition you simply cannot

Eden Arbors Madrid Trellis

You’re a Class A gardener who derives exclamations from jealous friends and family when they see your green thumb at work. But how can you truly show off your skills when your

Eden Arbors Vienna Arbor

The Vienna Arbor will add style and design to your yard; garden or pathway. Designed with the most authentic architectural detail; this arbor offers a classic look that will set you and

Eden Arbors Westwood Arbor

Well designed and substantial; the Westwood arbor features a graceful swoop top and crisply modern side panels for a timelessly classic look. The pre-stained; cedar Westwood is easy to assemble and install

Eden Arbors Rosewood Arbor

An update on the traditional English Garden arbor; the Rosewood Arbor features a classic arch top and elegant side panels for a look that is eternally stylish. The pre-stained; cedar Rosewood is

Eden Arbors Athens Arbor

The Athens Arbor is a gentle accent for your yard; garden or pathway. Designed with the most authentic architectural detail; this arbor is quaint and charming. Arbors also provide an eloquent entrance

Eden Arbors Dublin Arbor

With a contemporary look and tasteful sensibility; the Dublin Arbor will make yours a yard of distinction. Arbors provide an impressive entrance to a yard or garden; helping to define the concept

Eden Arbors Livingston Arbor

With classic architectural detailing; elegant 3D lattice side panels and dignified keystones; the Livingston Arbor was created with an attention to detail that brings a simple elegance to your entrance or yard.

Eden Arbors Florence Arbor

The Florence Arbor offers a beautiful swoop arch design for your yard; garden or pathway. Designed with the most authentic architectural detail; this arbor is combines the classic arch look with the

Eden Arbors Monaco Arbor

You love style; but you want to be unique. You can pull things off that not everyone can. So of course you don’t want an arbor like everyone else in the neighborhood.

Eden Arbors Westhaven Arbor

Distinguished and substantial; the Westhaven Arbor will create an impressive entrance from any path or walkway. The adjustable opening was designed to span a sidewalk up to 50″. The stately Westhaven arbor

Eden Arbors London Arbor

Modern and cosmopolitan; the London Arbor provides the perfect enhancement to the beauty of your yard and gives your property an added edge. Arbors also provide an impressive entrance to a yard